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White Lobster - Digital Coupons

White Lobster is a gamified Digital Coupon Mobile App and Website.  It allows you to get great discounts and coupons in a fun and entertaining way.  Merchants would be delighted to list their coupons, where user engagement will be much higher than the traditional coupon services.

FROGO, dating, app, girl, men, boy, match, application, mobile
FROGO - Date Responsibly

FROGO is a gamified revolutionary dating app which will change the way match with others.  FROGO is a fun mobile Application which will be launched in Q1 of 2017. This application is owned, managed and developed by Telcovision Group .

FROGO, dating, app, girl, men, boy, match, application, mobile
Live Chat
Live Chat is a digital solution software for your website. This allows a user to instantly communicate with you if they may have an inquiry regarding your products and/or services. Live Chat digital solution software increases conversions rates (actual sales), customer satisfaction and user engagement on your website.

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It is one of those revolutionary one-click solutions to bring easiness and comfort to your lives. Main stream of this productivity tool is that it integrates to your “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” buttons and helps you transfer your files in a matter of a second between clipboards or your different devices that work in multiple platforms.

BethClip is a lightweight and very easy to handle piece of software whose main function resides in synchronizing your clipboard across multiple devices, enabling you to have access to the same data, regardless of the device you are working on.



Our aim is to improve the lifestyle of the visually impaired community, by connecting them to technology and keeping them up to date through online content at heir fingertips.


Braille Pad is a tablet for the visually impaired (blind) allowing them to get the information they need, access the internet, read e-books and join social networks.

We are looking for investors who would be interested in such a project.  Please get in touch with us on